Thursday, 6 November 2014

marzipan frappuccino

so i made a drink yesterday and it was so delicious, and i made it again today and again it was sooooo yummy.
so today i'll be sharing the recipe.


caramel sauce (can be replaced by sugar but it will be less delicious)
vanilla essence
almond essence
milk (soy and rice work the best normal milk works aswell but i personally think it is less delicious)


cinnamon (add a bit more milk if you do)
wipped cream (if you can find it vanilla wipped cream)


add everything into a mug, mason jar or glass
mix (or shake) it up
and enjoy

ootd 6-11-14

super duper simple cute autumn look

yey ugly webcam foto's (soz)

stuff is from:
scarf from yesstyle (59 seconds)
shirt from forever 21 
jeans from forever 21