Thursday, 23 October 2014

how i edit my photo's

i haven't posted in like a month i am so sorry i will try to post more

as some of you might know i make allot of selfies (soz not soz)
so i am going to share with you today how i edit my photo's.
i have an iPhone so some of these apps might not be available on other phones.


this app is so cute and easy to use great for selfies and ootd's (i don't use it for ootd's but it could be useful for them)
it has many different options and is great for cutifying pictures.
it has an option for making legs longer and to makes boobs bigger (totally never used that last one!!!1!!!3!)


this one is very useful for double chin picture or just pictures where your face shape looks weird.
has a function to smooth things out so easy to make pimples and blackheads disappear.
also easy for blurring busy backgrounds to bring more attention to your own face.

Pic Collage 

very useful for collages, has pre-made backgrounds you can use if you would like to use them.
downfall is that it turns into a vertical image with white borders on either side so i recouers a bit of cutting in 'photos' afterwards.


great for most kind of pictures but i have found that this app works the best with making pictures of objects like food or something like that. lights pictures up if you make a pic at dark or dusk.


great for blending pictures togheter easy to use for inspirational pic's or quote backgrouds
also has a white border function.


has many amazing premade filters to make your pictures more original.also great for blending images.


i really love this app for landscape images cause it has allot of functions that work well for landscape images.

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