Friday, 31 October 2014

October favourites

happy halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
well i hope it's a happy one for you.

but thats not what this post is about 
it's is a favourites post yey 
so lets start with

foundation: hema illuminating foundation (mine is in 01)
light coverage but it in also very light on the skin feels almost like a very nice cc cream
conceler: hema concealer stick in 01
great coverage works for pimples as well as dark cirkles

powder: hema finishing loose powder in 41
reduces shining, it doesn't work if you are going for doughy skin but otherwise a great powder
brow jell: hema eyebrow jell (last product from hema i promise)
great for keeping eyebrows in place if you have eyebrows like mine who never want to go the right way

eyeshadow: essence how to make bright eyes makeup box
great colors for a cheap price 
nailpolish: koh nailpolish (i couldn't find the number and will add it later)
great coverage only needs 1-2 coats for great coverage

lipstick: essence lipstick in 07 natural beauty
great colour and coverage looks great with a suddle cat eye

mascara: kiko long eyes mascara
makes my lashes amazingly long and doesn't look clumpy

eyeliner; essence eyeliner pen 'extra long lasting' (lol no)
great for cat eyes but doesn't last long

now body stuff:

deodorant: dove go fresh compressed in pomegranate and lemon verbena scent
great scent last's all day great overal

body mist: blond Amsterdam body mist in relaxing fig and heavenly honey
such an delicious smell lasts all day

facemask: van der hoog heavenly honey peel off mask
so yummy smells nice and makes my skin so soft

face cleanser: vichy purete thermale
great cleanser makes my skin clean in seconds


jeans: from forever 21
these jeans are so comfy and look amazing

cropped sweater: from forever 21
so comfy and cute great to pair with the jeans

shower stuff
aussie 3 minute mirracle frizz treatment
aussie miracle moist shampoo
great combo makes my hair so soft

shower jell
badedas relaxing shower jell
smells so good
body butter: the body shop honey body butter
makes my skin so soft smells delicious

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